ask the vetBeing a pet parent is no different than being a human parent. You do the best you can but sometimes it would be nice to get some advice from an expert. Maybe you're wondering why your dog licks his paws so much or what's all the fuss about Probiotics or maybe you just want to know how often to wash your dog. Well you're in luck. Just type your question into the comment box below and our veterinarian will post her response within 1-2 days. If you click subscribe by e mail (or if you prefer, subscribe by RSS) we'll even ping you when the answer is posted.

Of course we have to add the disclaimer that our Ask the Vet service is for informational purposes only. In order to get an accurate diagnosis, we recommend seeing a local, registered veterinarian that can evaluate your pet in person. But for simple, everyday questions like What's my dog's real age (and don't give me that multiply by 7 stuff) we're here to help.
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Our service is absolutely free! (free is good!) And who knows, maybe your question will help another dog owner whose having exactly the same problem you are.

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Cate Burnette, RVT, is a degreed, registered veterinary technician with both small and large animal clinical experience. As the owner of two cats, four dogs, and one ex-racehorse, she now writes about her passion for animals in hopes of sharing her knowledge with pet parents everywhere. Her articles on dogs and pet health have appeared on eHow, Livestrong, Answerbag, and The Daily Puppy.