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Sudsy Dog   Here are a few memorable things about our products:

1. A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacological and Therapeutics showed that the Collagen found in the Happytails Joint Resolution reduces pain and lameness in arthritic dogs and improves the overall activity of the dogs.

2. Dog Smog Remedy is the only breath spray that we know of that not only gets rid of bad breath but contains digestive enzymes to control those inappropriate gaseous emissions

3. Our Anti-Plaque Probiotic Spray contains over 14 strains of probiotics that replenish the good bacteria in your pet's mouth to reduce plaque and tarter. If you'd like to see a complete list of all the probiotics used in the formula click here

4. Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo uses real colloidal oatmeal NOT oat extract. Colloidal Oatmeal is one of the only natural ingredients which the FDA allows claims to be made. The FDA says that colloidal oatmeal "Temporarily protects and helps relieve minor skin irritation and itching due to: rashes,eczema, poison ivy, oak, or sumac or insect bites." Read the full abstract here

5. Military dogs in the Middle East enjoy Cain & Able Paw Rub to help soothe their feet and heal cracks!

6. Flea the Scene not only repels fleas and mosquitoes for up to 4 hours but also is an all natural sunscreen

7. Dirty & Harry OUTDOOR Spray is a super effective two-in-one spray that not only combats unpleasant odors but keeps those pesky bugs at bay.

8. I can't say enough about our Bubbles 'n Beads Shampoo Conditioner. So here goes:

  •  If you have a really dirty dog, I mean caked on mud, Bubbles n Beads can get that dog clean. The conditioning microbeads help to dislodge dirt.

  • This shampoo contains a unique amino acid blend that penetrates the follicle, replenishes lost moisture and helps condition, repair and strengthen.

  •  The micro-beads are packed with conditioning vitamins that burst against the skin, delivering their nutrients right where they're needed; at the follicle.

9. Possibly no word conjures up more emotion than silk. Silk has been prized for its feel, magic and aura of quality. Our Ruff to Smooth, leave in conditioner and detangler uses Silk proteins which have the ability to hold and retain moisture, leaving the coat shinier and smoother feeling without being sticky. The low molecular weight of silk allows it to penetrate into the hair fiber and thereby supplement the amino acids in the cortex.

10. Ordenone makes many of our products particularly effective in odor elimination. It's a concentrated compound that works on “contact” to entrap malodor molecules. This unique product material “surrounds” malodor molecules such as mercaptans, sulfides, amines and certain aldehydes to permanently encapsulate them within the ORDENONE structure. You can find ordenone is our Dry Dog Instant Clean and Dirty & Hairy Line.

11. Citronella Oil. It comes from the lemongrass family which is why it smell so bright, but it’s actually that same smell that wards off the insects. The distinctive scent makes it difficult for insects to locate you but many people don't like the overpowering scent. Dirty & Hairy OUTDOOR has managed to create products that contain citronella so they ward off insects, but to the human nose they have a lovely fresh smelling green tea and lime smell. Spray it on your legs or on your dog and up goes that anti-insect force field