The easy way to improved Canine oral health
I have good news
and I have bad news.

The good news is that dog owners are starting to get the message that oral hygiene is very important. The bad news? Well the bad news is that they're expecting you to do all the work.

Brushing a dog's teeth is not usually a pleasant experience but there's a new product out there that can make it easier both on the dog and the groomer. It's a Probiotic Anti Plaque Spray that you spray into the dogs mouth once or twice a day that helps to reduce plaque.

But it's more than just a breath or a mouth spray...much, much more!

You have probably already heard of Probiotics; live beneficial bacteria that are introduced into the body for improved health. They are particularly effective when it comes to oral health.

Dog's (and human's) mouths are filled with bacteria, some good and some bad. The idea behind probiotics is called the Theory of Competitive Exclusion and is a strategy of overwhelming the bad bacteria with good bacteria leaving them nothing to eat and no way to survive (to read more about this mechanism click here)

A 2003 study reported that here that there are more than 600 species of bacteria that colonize the mouth.

What does this
have to do with me?

Well for a start plaque is an accumulation of bad bacteria that attaches to the tooth and promotes decay, (See where we're going with this?) It stands to reason that if you can reduce the bad bacteria you can reduce plaque and in one fell swoop reduce the amount of time, effort and energy it takes to clean a dog's teeth.

But wait there's more

The American Veterinary Dental Society found that 80 percent of dogs have periodontal disease before the age of 3… a condition that carries a lot of serious health risks. Without brushing, the plaque that builds up on a dog's teeth, can break off and be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can lead to blocked arteries, heart disease and kidney problems. (read more)

So not only are you reducing your workload and improving your profits you're also providing a valuable service to your customers. I think they call that a win-win-win scenario.

Don't take our word for it read what one customer had to say about Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray

Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray | $10.49

Oh and one more thing

If you haven't included teeth cleaning in your list of services you should, it's a great way to increase profits and help your clients improve their dog's oral hygiene and overall health.

Spraying the probiotic into the dog's mouth call outonce per grooming will certainly help, however you will want to encourage your customers to use the spray at home themselves. They should use the spray once or twice a day, and while you're upselling a bottle of the Probiotic spray why not introduce them to the idea of regular brushing with a KIssable Combo. It's a quick, convenient way to get your customers started on a path to good oral hygiene.

While your at it, it doesn't hurt to point out the difference between the cost of a bottle of Probiotic Spray and the financial (and emotional) cost of a trip to the vet for a teeth cleaning...I think the the phrase is "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

If you'd like to see a complete inventory of the benificial bacteria used in this product click here

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