The Paw Licking
Prevention Pack
The Pack consists of three all-natural products formulated to relieve the stress of itchy, irritated paws, including: Paw Rub all-natural rub protects, heals, and moisturizes itchy paws | $19.00

Itchin' for Relief targeted itch-fighting power that reduces inflammation and heals the damage of hot spots and red, itchy areas | $17.00

Sleepytime Tonic an herbal tonic that allows your itchy pooch to feel calm and relaxed | FREE (normally $13.00)

Price before discount: $49.00 | Price after discount: $36.00
50% OFF
When you buy the Paw Licking Prevention Pack you get 50% off any (or all) of these products:
Comfy Dog   Flea the scene   Fur Butter   Dogsbutter  
Comfy DogOatmeal is the go-to ingredient for dry itchy skin, however Comfy Dog sets the standard by using only human grade colloidal oatmeal (oat solids in suspension) rather than the inferior oat extract that some products use. This means faster results and long lasting relief. The formula also contains botanical extracts of peppermint (an antiseptic agents that also acts as a natural insect repellent) burdock (an anti inflammatory), Indian frankincense (which is is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin) and calendula (used for centuries to heal and soothe irritation).   Flea the SceneFlea the Scene is a 3-in-1 spray ideal for a trip to the dog park or a long walk on the beach with your best friend. It contains NO pesticides or poisons so It's gentle on your dog's delicate skin. However the proprietary blend of all natural ingredients is effective at keeping unwanted pests at a safe distance.   Fur ButterFur Butter will leave your little buddy super silky and easy to brush, but the effects are more than just cosmetic; Shea butter moisturizes and conditions the fur while colloidal oatmeal heals dry and itchy skin. Add great things like comfrey, callundula and aloe and you have a product that will not only soothe your itchy dog but also leave his fur astoundingly soft and manageable.   DogsbutterThis all natural peanut butter contains no sugar, salt or hydrogenated oils and is the perfect choice to put into a Kong or other hollow toy to provide hours of entertainment and distraction from paw licking. DOGSBUTTER also contains coconut which is chock-full of vitamin E and fatty acids that have been known to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidizing properties. It can also help to add moisture and shine to your dog's coat. The omega 3s in golden flaxseed can help to prevent dry, itchy skin and help to nourish and hydrate. Give your dog a spoonful of DOGSBUTTER as a tasty snack or fill their favorite toy for long lasting fun!  
Quick Relief for Dogs with Dry, Itchy Skin and Allergies   A must-have product for dogs with an active lifestyle   Ultra rich, colloidal oatmeal conditioner for dry, itchy skin   With the Omega-3 benefits of flaxseed  
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