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All Natural Dog Shampoo
We use a coconut based surfactant in all of our shampoo's. No SLS, no parabens and no detergents. Just a gentle effective clean. If you have an itchy dog, a dog with allergies or skin issues we have an entire line of shampoos that will help. And if you just want a clean, manageable shiny coat we can help with that too.
All natural detergent free shampoos and conditioners
For more information or to purchase the products click on the photos below
Comfy Dog Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo
Bubbles n' Beads 2 in 1 shampoo
Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo
And after you've shampoo'd it's time to condition
Ruff to Smooth Leave in conditioner
Dry Dog Instant Clean
Fur Butter Ultra Risch conditioner
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Shampoos and Conditioners

Bathing your dog on a regular basis is an important step to ensure both good health and a great appearance. Regular shampooing can help prevent skin irritations and bad dog odor and maintain a shiny, tangle-free coat. Happytails Canine Spa line offers all the essential bathing items for a clean, fresh smelling dog.

With all the different shampoos for dogs on the market, the options can be overwhelming. Happytails Spa makes it easy to select a product based on your dog’s specific needs. Whether your dog has dry skin or a wiry coat of fur, we’ve got the product for you.

Dry, Itchy Skin Shampoo

Your dog’s dry, itchy skin can be frustrating for both you and your best friend. Stop that constant scratching with Comfy Dog Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo. FDA approved in the fight against dry skin, colloidal oatmeal penetrates deep beneath your dog’s hair to get to the root of the problem of skin irritations.

Other dog shampoos to consider for your pet are Bubbles N’ Beads shampoo and conditioner and Sparkle & Shine Brightening shampoo. With each use, the beads in Bubbles N’ Beads burst to release vitamins and conditioners deep into your dog’s coat and skin. The result is a soft, beautiful coat with healthy roots to back it up.

If your main goal is to not only clean your dog’s fur, but to achieve an award winning look, Sparkle & Shine is the shampoo for you. This shampoo infuses your dog’s coat with pearlescent brighteners that leave hair shiny and silky to the touch. The formula is great for all dogs, but provides extra brightening powers to those with light or white colored fur. You’ll soon see that all dog shampoos are not created equal. Rejuvenate your older dog’s fur into what it once was with Sparkle & Shine!

Clean and Condition

You’re a busy person, and sometimes you just don’t have time to bathe your pet. Give your dog a little freshening up between baths with Dry Dog Instant Clean spray-on bath replacement. For all those times you need to quickly clean up little muddy paws or rid your dog of a musty smell, this refreshing spray is here to save you.

Dry Dog doesn’t just mask odors on your dog; it destroys them. The main ingredient, Ordenone, is a powerful fighter that traps the proteins that cause foul odor and flatulence. Take a look at our other shampoos and conditioners to see what’s right for your canine companion!

Get All-Natural Products at Happytails Spa

All Happytails Spa products are made from all-natural ingredients; that means no chemicals and no parabens are used in any of our formulas. Have a young puppy? Our products are gentle enough to use on even the youngest pup! In addition to being all-natural, our dog shampoos and conditioners are tear free and will have your dog loving bath time.

Keep your dog clean and smelling fresh with one of our revolutionary shampoos and conditioners for dogs. Shop Happytails Spa today!

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