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Happytails Sleepytime Tonic; Doggie Prozac

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Ingredients: Vervain, Skullcap*, Passion Flower*, Valerian*, Zisyphus, Wild Lettuce Blue Flag, Liquorice*, Parsley, Bach Flower Remedies: Aspen, Cerato, Wild Oat, Mimulus, Larch and Impatiens, Natural Flavoring (honey) Deionized water, Vegatable glycerine.

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Doggie Prozac

If you have a nervous, anxious or overactive dog here is an all natural remedy. It's the next best thing to Doggie Prozac


Sleepytime Tonic:

Put a couple of drops on a treat, in his mouth or in his water

Will work in about 30 minutes to calm your anxious dog

Great for thunderstorms, car sickness or separation anxiety
Perfect for trips to the vet, groomer or traveling with your dog
It's an all natural, herbal remedy that is safe and effective

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Natural Remedy for Overactive Dogs

Want to know more?

Sleepytime tonic is a blend of Flower Essences and herbs that works to nourish the physical nervous system and assists in calming a nervous, anxious or overactive dog.

This concentrated elixir was formulated exclusively for happytails by Robert McDowell, the world's leading authority on applying western herbal medicines to canine health problems.

'The formulations combine herbs and homeopathic medicines so that the metabolic and nervous system imbalances are all addressed together."
Says Mc Dowell.

Our ingredients are organically grown and ethically harvested

For serious problems you should always consult your veteranarian
ProzacĀ® is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly and Company.

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Our award winning all natural products are manufactured at an FDA approved lab and come with a full money back guarantee

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Natural Remedy for Overactive Dogs | Dog Separation Anxiety