Social Responsability and our
commitment to the environment

We have a responsability to ourselves and everything else that shares this planet to take care of our most precious resource. Happytails is dedicated to upholding the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards.

Carbon-neutral: we have reduced our own carbon emissions and as members of have offset those that we can’t.

Labels: We are now printing all of our labels on Fiber Stone, a tree-free recyclable material that uses no water and produces no waste.

Bottles: We are phasing in new bottles made of post consumer resin (recycled plastic).

Ingredients: All of our herbs are ethically and organically grown by a select group of independent farmers whose concerns for the environment meet our high ethical standards and quality control

Office: we aim to run a paperless office. And when we do use paper it is made into note pads, before ultimately being recycled

All of our products and components are made in the USA, most of them right here in Southern California to minimize transportation-related impact.

Our products have been PETA certified as cruelty free

Community: happytails donates a portion of our profits to Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

Assembly: Our collections are all assembled at Par Services, which provides productive employment for over 250 developmentally disabled workers.

And finally:
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