The happytails Super soft Coat Collection, three great products, one beautiful dog

Three all-natural products clean, condition, moisturize and detangle even the thickest coat. Just click on the photos below to learn more about each product or buy the entire collection and save 20%

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Bubles n' Beads shampoo and Conditioner Fur Butter Ultra Rich deep conditioner Ruff to Smooth
'n Beads

Conditioning beads
release healing
ingredients right
on the skin.
Fur Butter
(or fur worse)

Ultra rich, colloidal
oatmeal conditioner
for dogs with dry,
itchy skin

Detangling, leave in
conditioner with
lavender & chamomile

The Super Soft Coat Collection contains everything you need to make your best friend's coat soft, manageable and luxurious. Start with Bubbles n' Beads our unique shampoo conditioner that features micro-encapsulated beads. It not only cleans the hair but also nourishes the follicle with conditioners and vitamins. Seal in the moisture with Fur Butter our ultra rich deep conditioner. One use will transform even the roughest coat into a manageable mane. To help maintain the look use Ruff to Smooth to detangle and ease brush out.

It's a dog eat dog world out there but now you have what it takes to make sure your dog stays ahead of the pack.

Please note: The Happytails Super Soft Coat Collection is intended for consumers and is not available to our wholesale customers.