Soo white and fluffy

just tried the sample sized Bubbles & Beads on my precious Evee girl, she is gorgeous! Of course she was always beautiful, but now her fur is soo white and fluffy and she has the most delightful scent! I'm hoping that she will get some relief from scratching, so far so good. I especially love the fact that Happytails is a eco friendly company, you're taking care of my two favorite things: pets and the planet!

I will be ordering more in the future, thank you.

Lisa Bravo

Completely Amazed

You recently sent me a sample of the Bubbles & Beads shampoo. I just started my own gift basket business and was interested in your products. I finally got around to using the shampoo on my two girls yesterday and was completely amazed! There fur is soooo soft and I was able to bathe a lab and a corgi mix with the sample bottle. I made a purchase just now and am excited to share your products and to try more for us!

Saranne Riccio - owner
Impulse Gift Baskets
Madison, AL

Silky and smooth like I have never seen on them before

I wanted to show you how great (my dog's) hair came out after washing it with Happytails Bubbles n Beads. The 2 on the right have been bathed in Happytails Bubbles n Beads and they Loved it (the one on the left wanted to be in the picture)! I could hardly believe how little it took of the shampoo to wash them twice! It goes a long way!

Thank You for sending us the Happytails samples! We love them!!

Their hair is so silky and smooth like I have never seen on them before! We'll be buying more--you can count on that!

Ginger Brady
Jennings Lodge OR

Bye bye dry flaky skin

I always test all products before I sell them just to see how well they work. I was bathing my dog back in the self wash with one of your samples of Bubbles n Beads when one of my customers noticed the suds and fresh clean smell coming from my tub. She immediately wanted me to go grab a bottle off of my shelf for herself.

We were both washing at the same time and by the end we were so amazed at how wonderful both of our dogs smelled (actually all 3 of them). I ALWAYS use a conditioner on my dog Sylar and this time I didn’t have to. I could feel how soft and clean he was just after shampooing.

I gave it a few days just to see if Sylar would get his usual dry flaky skin and guess what? It never came back. I normally bathe every 1-2 weeks but with Bubbles n Beads I was able to wait a month and still have a fresh smelling dog.

When my customers come in using it in the back I love the way it makes the whole room smell fresh and everyone always wonders what the person next to them is using!

Brenna Shoultz
Renaissance Pet Boutique & Spa
Sammamish WA


2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner
Dog Grooming Review -
A Merryvaluation from Pampered
by Angie McKaig

Once you leave behind the cheapo pet "big box" grooming supplies for your pet and start stepping into the world of upscale and/or natural coat care products for dogs, it’s a whole new world, baby. And a confusing one. If you think "all natural" is a hard word to define in the world of human food, just try it with pet grooming unguents and see how far you get.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve always liked and respected happytails™ - because they not just believe in but insist on transparency with the customer. The information they make available about their products - what goes into them, and more importantly why those ingredients are used - is among the most comprehensive in the entire industry.

I’m all about transparency. How am I supposed to make an informed choice if I don’t understand?

This is never more true than with their newest product, Bubbles'n Beads.

Bubbles'n Beads is the company’s first (I believe) 2-in-1 product, combining shampoo and conditioner in a single bottle. But it’s much more than that.

The secret, or part of it anyway, is in the little blue and white bubbles: microbeads. They contain conditioning vitamins and are designed to burst up against the skin and roots, and to really penetrate tough coats.

The rest of the formula is incredible: a powerhouse of 14 amino acids (to improve shine, softness and heal skini damage), Jesuit’s Balsam and Brazil Nut extract (to reduce flaking and irritation), Canadian Willowherb (an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant) and three tea tree oils (to reduce itching and redness).

The company makes a one-page info sheet available on their web site about the product which includes a full list of all the ingredients as well as their purpose (it’s a bigger list than we can provide here). Highly recommended particularly for the side-by-side feature comparison of their three main shampoo products and where Bubbles'n Beads fits in. Makes life much easier for the pet owner trying to decide which one is bets.

The scent is really interesting. The company calls it "Clean Laundry" and it’s definitely got that soft, springtime scent to it. But it’s not overpowering at all - you really have to sniff the fur closely to smell it once the pooch is dry again. (Nobody likes an overpowering scent - least of all, your pooch.)

It wasn’t a hugely frothy lather though it was more than enough to get the princess clean, and it rinsed very clean - one of my sticking points. And the princess’s coat felt gorgeously soft afterwards.

I have to say, though, my favorite part was the 2-in-1 part. The beads looked cool, but it was really convenient to only have to go through one product while dealing with a wet pooch, rather than having to go through two separate steps for cleaning and conditioning.

Bubbles'n Beads has definitely made a place for itself on the side of our tub. You should check it out.

You can find out more about happytails™ from their web site at . Tell them Merry sent you!

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by DogTime blogger | Secret Shopper Blog

Baths are baths, the experience is never quite fun. Although this was the first time I've ever used a product with beads in it. I don't know what the beads do, but it was interesting to watch them dissolve. The pamphlet says they are "microencapsulated conditioner" which is pretty fancy. So, the bath is not fun, but the results are. They should have called Bubbles 'N Beads the "Fluffinator" ! OMG! after Champ dried off, he was a gigantic cute and fluffy monster. He certainly was clean and his hair very soft. One thing I liked was that the shampoo did not have an overwhelming perfume as so many of them do.

My one regret was that I did not have a bottle of Happytails' Shimmering Mist to give his bath that extra glimmer.

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The lather is amazing, the fragrance heavenly,

Review from

One morning Tate and I were cruising the internet looking for great products to try, and lo and behold we came across the Happytails Canine Spa Line. It features a whole gaggle of specialized, all natural products for your dog. One we couldn't resist trying was the Bubbles 'N Beads 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner. It's designed for dogs with dander and itchiness problems, and because it looked so great in the bottle. We had to see how it performed.

Here are the results:The lather is amazing, the fragrance heavenly, It rinses clean with no residue, leaving your dog with a spic and span shiny, silky coat that all the neighbor dogs will be jealous of.
Tate is definitely what I call an itchy dog. Meaning he is prone to skin allergies and just general dry skin and itchiness. Every morning he awakes to a short scratch the itch session which typically continues here and there throughout the day, but not on the morning after we used Bubbles 'N Beads. Coincidence? I think not.

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