Ruff to Smooth detangling conditioner

Did I luck out ordering some of your product

Hello to all of you at Happytails

I just HAD to write you! I don't often send out emails raving about products (Most aren't much to rave about!), but I felt I had to write you & thank you so much for making such an awesome product: your Ruff to Smooth-Or more well known as a de-tangler!

As an owner of 5 little Yorkshire Terriers, I am constantly having to brush them and care for their long hair. All have different coats to a certain degree but 2 of them especially, are susceptible to mats and tangling! It drives me nuts and they hate comb out time! I had heard about "Happytails" products over the past few years and was desperate to find a great product right off the bat and not have to go thru a million products before finding one that works well. Boy, did I luck out ordering some of your product from a Seller on ebay! I tried it today on 2 of my pups and instead of the usual tug-of-war with them over the "owies" of pulling on the mats and trying to get them out, I actually had one of them go to sleep while I combed his hair! That's a FIRST!! Usually, it is a much dreaded chore we both detest! But, not this time!

I am also happy I did not have to "drown" them in it-just a little bit on each mat, wait a couple minutes and then the mats combed out easily! Thank You for such a wonderful product!

I also am a Pet Portrait Artist. I create Original Pet Portraits for my clients. I do have a web site at I am very interested in passing along the word on such a great product and have gone as far as to fill out the Affiliate Program information! I won't sell anything or even refer it if I haven't tried it. But, this one is easy! It's GREAT & i'll be happy to tell every pet owner I meet about it! I am looking forward to trying more of your products in the near future!(If you need a "Tester" of any of your products, let me know and I'll be glad to try any of them!!)

Sincerely,Ginger Brady
Portland, Oregon

Miracle Detangler

My dog Rocky hates to be brushed! When he sees me coming with the brush, he runs and hides! When I catch him, it is a battle! So, I bought the leave in conditioner/detangler Ruff to Smooth. Here is the miracle part....when I spray it on Rocky, it totally calms him down! He almost falls asleep while I am brushing him because he is so relaxed. Now, I am not one for believing everything I read, so I didn't think it would actually calm him, but it did! So, last night, just to see what would happen, I sprayed a little on him at bedtime and it was a record! He was asleep within a couple of minutes! He didn't even have to go through his bed time ritual of chewing on my hair.


Works on cats and relaxes dogs

I have a cat that mats and a dog that is so active, she wears me out. I recently saw and purchased your "Ruff to Smooth" Not only does it smell wonderful, but it works! My cat can produce mats faster than a human eye can blink. I sprayed him with this after his bath and he has remained mat free for two weeks, a first! If a new mat should appear prior to his next bath, I know exactly how to release it now, use your detangler. I also sprayed this on my dog when she's her most active... not only does she seems to relax but she smells great. Thank you! You've made my life easier and smelling good :)

Lauren King



I just wanted to tell you I am so thrilled with the Happytails Ruff to Smooth you have for our 5 Yorkies! Not only does it calm them while I comb them out but we used a bit of it in the palm of our hand on July 4th, had our Yorkies take a "Sniff" of it and it calmed them right down! I am running low on it & must order more soon!
Ginger Brady