Love love love the products

I'm a volunteer with a rescue group (TzuZooRescue) and I'm forever looking for products to help resolve skin issues with the dogs that we rescue and I foster. I generally take in the older, unadoptable at first glance dogs since they need 24/7 care and I'm available round the clock to be at their beck and call.

I have searched and tried what I thought was every shampoo/conditioner/soother that was around and for some reason just came across your website and ordered a few weeks ago – love love love the products. I have 2 dogs that are over 15 and have old dog skin problems that require weekly baths – after 2 baths with your Comfy Dog Oatmeal shampoo and Fur Butter – no more crusties – I was shocked.

Also, after a few treatments with the bow wow butter balm and we have a nose that's as smooth as can be. Will continue to use the products and in fact, am placing another order right now.

What goes around, comes around – you have great products and the dogs that we rescue from shelters (and believe me, some of these dogs look as if they haven't been bathed or groomed in a very very long time) are just loving being so pampered – and they say "thank you"!

Regina Day

Helped our dog feel better with the first use

I had searched high and low for a shampoo that would help my Mom's assistance dog with his seasonal itching. I tried many products that claimed to soothe the skin and curb allergies. I finally found what I was looking for when I came upon Comfy Dog. This product helped our dog feel better with the first use. Over time, his seasonal allergies have all but disappeared and his skin has never been in better health. Even our vet has commented on his healthy skin and coat!

Thanks Happytails!

Barbara Markland
Winter Park FL

Healthier coat

I am a first time dog owner with a large, two-year-old lab mix. He is constantly getting himself into all kinds of dirty, smelly places, so he needs daily grooming. Last Christmas, I received samples of Flea the Scene, Dry Dog Instant Clean, Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo, and Dog Smog Remedy. I was surprised by the results.

In the past two years, I have used at least four or five shampoos when giving the dog a bath: with varying results. Some of these promised low shedding or a smoother, shiner coat, but none of them generated the desired results. When I washed him using Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo, he not only had a healthier looking coat, but he smelled better and shed less. I was really pleased with the other products as well. I hope you keep up the good work and keep producing great products for dog owners.

Clare Creighton
Charlotte, NC



Chock full of awesome

Whatever you put in those bottles is freakin amazing. I just got my orders today, used them on my little Boston Terrier for his bath time and holy s**t.......feel a difference already.

Those bottles are chock full of awesome and win! He is an itchy dog and it looks like it is already helping. Keep the great products coming! Haven't decided if I am going to tell everyone about you or just keep Happytails Spa all to myself;)

Thanks so much, love it!!

Alaina Cole
Ridgecrest CA

Bear Great on Bears too!

Would just like to show you how happy my "Bear" is after a bath with Comfy Dog!
I received a trial size and tried it on Bear yesterday. I couldn't believe how soft his fur was after using it; and Bear was so happy...running and jumping all over the yard with joy & pleasure. He finally calmed down so I could take this photo!

I can't wait to try your other products now.

Thank you so much!
Pattie & Bear from
Burbank, CA

  Instant relief

I recently fostered Charley, a Boston Terrier that had been left tied to a tree in the backyard when his owners moved. He was left without any food or water and, as a result, was skin and bones when he came to my house. Patches of his fur were missing and his hair was very dry and brittle from this neglect. As soon as I got him home, I bathed him in Comfy Dog Shampoo, then lathered him with your Fur Butter. Instant relief! I repeated the process the next week, and within three weeks, his coat had grown back and was soft and shiny! Charley has since been adopted by a great family. Thanks for making such great products!

Jill Keller Bonneau
Canine American

A really dirty dog

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to let you know your products are selling great like always! I have a new puppy, which of course is now spoiled with your entire line. I have been using Comfy Dog on my cats and huskys for some time now but now for the first time I need to use it on a REALLY dirty dog (a 90 pound German Sheppard malamute cross I found on the side of the highway\) Rolly was a very large mudball after sneeking under the deck. Comfy Dog removed the caked-on mud after just one wash! I was amazed. His thick fur looked beautiful and he didn't smell like dog for the first time. You know I could go on about your products (as I do for my customers) but I just wanted to give up an update.

Madeleine's Boutique
Edmonton, Alberta

Comfy Dog fits our picky list of AOK ingredients

To keep our Bichon Frise Dahlia healthy, we like to make sure all the ingredients in her shampoo are safe for her, and Comfy Dog fits our picky list of AOK ingredients. It is also the only shampoo we've found that can deal with her difficult coat.

Other shampoos seem to have always needed two or even three tries but we don't use them anymore, not since we discovered Comfy Dog. We also take Comfy Dog to our groomer when Dahlia goes in. We use it with Fur Butter to finish off.

Since discovering Comfy Dog and Fur Butter, I have finally quit looking for a better shampoo and conditioner. It was occupying a lot of my time, poking about on the web and such. Thanks so much for your great products.

Teri Wimberley
Ashland, OR

Recommended by our vet

Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo was recommended to us by our vet, because our lovely, older dog had a constant skin irritation problem. Poor baby! It made him very uncomfortable. But, the Comfy shampoo was an excellent solution. He loved it, and we loved the effect it had on his skin. We used it all the time, until he became ill and we had to put him down.

With our new puppy we didn't even consider any other product. Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo keeps his coat rich and silky, and he is a very healthy and happy dog.

Richard Lindheim,
Beverly Hills, CA

The girls are not scratching themselves

I have two wheaten terriers, Lucy and Daisy who tend to have very dry skin and allergies. I am trying to use products that are natural and healthy for them. Previously, I had been using a prescription shampoo from the vet's office that had a long list of items that were not natural. When I changed to Comfort Dog shampoo their groomer was concerned but once she saw how soft and beautiful they looked she was very happy with the results. The girls not only looked beautiful but they are so soft and smell wonderful but most important they are not scratching themselves. Lucy, Daisy, their groomer, and myself (the mom or owner) highly recommends this product.

We have been happy with all the products that we have purchased from happytails. We also use Itchin for Relief in the fall when the girls allergies act up and this product was very successful in assisting and relieving them from being uncomfortable.

PS. I don't have a scanner to send a picture but I will try and get someone at work to assit me with that so we can send one to you.


A Happy Customer,
Deborah Purvis with Happy Wheatens Thanks to you!

Hasn't been scratching or biting in months

I want to start out by telling you that I love the products that I've used so far. I purchased the Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo for the dry itchy skin, and the Fur Butter for my male husky/Shepard/chow mix b/c he has an itching issue that none of the vets I've taken him to have been able to get rid of.

On a whim I did a search online for something, anything that would help my baby. I found your site and he hasn't been scratching or biting in months! I love it. Next on my list to try is the Dog Smog Remedy for my boxer (well, really for both of their bad breath), but my boxer has horrible gas. :~)

Thank you so much for your wonderful products!
Keep up the good work!!

Best Regards,
Chrissy Thompson

We love your products

We received our order yesterday and I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the products. We immediately gave them a bath! Our longhaired dachshunds smell so nice, and are so soft and shiny after using the Comfy Dog and the Fur Butter. And then I spritzed them with Ruff to Smooth Detangler and was able to brush them right through. They look beautiful and healthy and I am so excited to share with others how much we love your products.
Thanks so much

Best Ever

These are THE BEST EVER grooming products! There is nothing out there that compares to the Comfy Dog Shampoo & the Fur Butter Conditioner!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Brenda Berberich (from Facebook)