There is nothing that works better

BEST PRODUCT for HORRIBLE dog breath EVER! There is nothing that works better. If you find something, please let me know. I have tried a lot of things, they have great dental hygiene, but they are little dogs and that means they are notorious for horrible breath. Not anymore. Dog Smog is the best thing ever!

Shannon Denise Bass

Dog Smog Remedy is extraordinary!

My 7 year old Havanese, Daisy, was terribly flatulent! I purchased Dog Smog Remedy and started putting it in Daisy's water once a day. Within a week or two Daisy was no longer gassy! Now we use this product every single day—Thank you!

Suzanne Marlette
Carmel Valley, CA

People magazine Loves Dog Smog Remedy

I needed something that would counteract the nasty aromas coming from both ends of my gassy pup. So when I found Happy Tails’ Dog Smog Remedy ($14 for a 7.6 oz. bottle), a breath freshener and digestive aid in spray form, it had Luther’s name all over it. In fact, the name itself made the product too good to pass up; who doesn't enjoy a bit of adolescent, scatological humor now and then?

Made of natural aromatherapy ingredients, including fennel for improved digestion and dill to soothe the stomach, Dog Smog also had a host of plant-based enzymes such as papain and bromelain — plus parsley, ginger, grapefruit seed, peppermint, spearmint, goldenseal, sage, marshmallow, celery and papaya. Happy Tails co-founder Lorna Paxton, a certified aromatherapist, created the cleansing brew.

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Life Saver

The Dog Smog Remedy is a life saver since my dog has developed an affinity for cat food...can't say that he enjoys getting it as much as the rest of us appreciate the results, but oh well:-)

Stephanie Owen
Pete and Mac's Lenexa, KS

Samson's breath is smelling a lot better!
Reviewed by

According to LilPeaPod, Samson's doggie breath doesn't always smell like roses. And who doesn't have this problem? So when she went into her local pet shop looking for an all natural breath spray, she was ecstatic to find Happytails Dog Smog Remedy ($14) that "curtails emissions from both ends"! Why is this so exciting? Well, if you don't know bulldogs, they are known to have a bit of a noisy rear end.

I wanted an all natural breath spray for Samson, since brushing his teeth doesn't seem to be helping curb his doggie breath (his food has a pretty potent smell), and was more than happy to try the Dog Smog Remedy, since he seems to have a lot of air in his belly ever since we changed his food to a different brand.

LilPeaPod has been using Dog Smog for about a week now and says that so far it's working great:

After only a few days, Samson's breath is smelling a lot better! I suppose that is thanks to the peppermint and spearmint essential oils. Plus, he's had less gas and bloating, from the fennel, ginger, parsley, and sage extracts among other natural ingredients in the Remedy. Samson loves the taste, and I like his fresh breath and clean air. . . if you know what I mean!

You should be able to find Happytails Dog Smog Remedy at your local pet shop, or you can pick it up online. Have any products that you'd like to share with us? Head on over to my Street Team group and post your recommendations and reviews!

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Thank you so much for this amazing product

I have had dogs all my life(50+) and never had any good results for bad breath until I used Dog Smog Remedy. I just happened to be at The Best of Show in Castro 5 years ago and bought one there. I have a beautiful Bichon mixed with a black Poodle named Chivas of 10 years. I have to say that his breath and "poop" never smells at all! Even when he eats cat "poop" which all dogs love! So, I always make sure I have this on hand at all times.

Thank you so much for this amazing product! I would not mind carrying this in my salon to sell to my clients.

Josef Cantor
Greenville SC

Connies dogs

I'm amazed!

Sam our mutt Austrian shepard, red healer mix is approaching 15 years of age. As you probally know the older the model, the more noxious the emmissions. It was getting to the point we didn't want to be in the same room with him. I checked out your web site and saw Dog Smog Remedy and figured I had nothing to lose. WOW, I was and am still amazed.

I spray it directly in his mouth once a day and we all have noticed a major improvement in the indoor air quality. Thank you for this product and Sam thanks you too. I am no longer making him sleep downstairs at night. It even seems to have made his coat and skin quite nice smelling.

Have a Happy day,

Connie Sinclair
Grand Junction CO


Happytails has a customer in me for keeps

Happytails is a canine spa line that not only indulges Fido but the products are completely functional and I personally am hooked!!! Happy Tails has a customer in me for keeps.

When asked would I like to try out ear products, anti-flea products, and a digestive supplement, I resoundingly replied, “I am a floppy eared Fido owner and yes yes yes!” In the mail arrived:

Dog Smog Remedy: Aptly and cleverly named, this product comes in a 7.6 ounce spray bottle. It effectively rids Fido of problems from both ends: bad breath and gas. This product was so timely. My cocker was diagnosed with smelly lip folds (dermatitis) and as the antibiotic from the vet worked it’s magic, two squirts of this product daily made the yukko scent dissipate. You can also add this to Fido’s diet if there are some silent (or not) but lethal gaseous odors coming from Fido’s “tail end.”

Our result? Four paws up, happy dance, and a “hallejuah where have you been all my life” for these products.

Carol Bryant

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