Dry Dog saved me!

Pretty sure that you are aware of how awesome your products are; however, I need to tell you how Dry Dog saved me!

My dog had a field day when he found wild life poop in my back yard. He was covered from head to toe, and I had no idea what to do because I had casts on both my arms and a body cast (I had broken six bones). If I could not give myself a bath, how on Earth was I to give my dog a bath? Immediately, I thought of the Dry Dog. I sprayed him and wipe him off with a towel.

It worked, and I barely sprayed him!
Thank you,

Chicago, Illinois




She smelled like a new dog

I just got your newsletter, which highlighted the Dry Dog Instant Clean. I wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know how much I love that product! It has been raining here in Central CA constantly, and the dogs have to be outside when I am at work. When I come home they stink. I told Picker that she smells like a stagnant puddle! However, after just a few spritzes of Dry Dog Instant Clean she smelled like a new dog. I have been using it on all of them, and it has saved my sanity this last week. As a plus, it doesn't make my dogs sneeze like products from other companies have in the past. Thank you for making such a great product!

Tara Flaming Wilson

K-9 Action Dog Training and Boarding

Two weeks and counting

I work for Pete and Mac's and we've just recently started carrying the Happytails line. I just had to write and rave about how much I love the Dry Dog Instant Clean! It really does get rid of the odors instead of covering them up (like the bottle of deodorizer I bought from Petsmart)...my dog has gone 2 weeks without a bath and that's with being in daycare every day and going to the dog park on top of that.

The Dog Smog Remedy is also a life saver since my dog has developed an affinity for cat food...can't say that he enjoys getting it as much as the rest of us appreciate the results, but oh well.

Stephanie Owen
Pete and Mac's Lenexa, KS

I think I'm addicted

As you know, I love the Dry Dog so much, I put it into a Dailycandy round-up of favorite things for puppies. It smells amazing. Period. I don't even think that's a subjective opinion. I think it's fact. I make people smell it all the time. Either in the bottle, or, which is even better, on my dog Rosie P. It's funny, because I don't like kiwis as a general rule--I pick them out of fruit salads. But, in this situation, they rock. I get compliments all the time on how good my dog smells. It's as though they're shocked that dogs could smell this lovely. Also good, my year-old puppy, Rosie P, doesn't seem to mind being sprayed with it at all. She sits patiently and waits 'til she has been spritzed.

I think I'm addicted. I spray her every day when I brush her coat. It's so easy, and it does wonders--basically, you're a few sprays away from having a deliciously odored dog instead of a smelly one. Seems crazy that you wouldn't use it.

Charlotte Druckman
New York, NY

Good to go

We love dry dog because I don't like giving Barney a bath every time we go for a walk. He loves to get muddy paws and roll in everything. But I can spray on some dry dog when we get home and he is good to go.

He smells like a yummy citrus tree!
Bridget and Barney

Makes us feel better

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your product...Dry Dog Instant Clean. My dog, Haley, is a Mobility Assist Dog. She goes everywhere that I go, so she is always walking on dirty surfaces in public buildings. I would not let my children walk barefoot in public, and I do not like my Haley having to do so either. I use Dry Dog Instant Clean on her toe pads before and after a trip to the store. It makes both Haley and me feel better.

Thank you!

Janet Smythers
Kingsport, TN

  Makes us feel better

I want you to know how much we LOVE your Dry Dog spray! Our 16yr old dog is able to walk with assistance but immobile when he is down and this means lots of clean up. The dry dog spray works amazingly well for our Gilbert when he has accidents. It gets urine off his skin and leaves it fresh and clean.

Gilbert loves the smell too!


Jackie Bresse-Rodenkirk
Glenview IL

Spiffy Lily on my lap

We are always on the road going somewhere. Lily can't always have a bath but since she is so small everything attaches to her. But with Dry Dog Instant Clean she can still sit on my lap.

Thank you

Spiffiany O HARA

cookie The Best product that I have ever used

Dry Dog Instant Clean is the BEST product that I have ever used on my dog. It IS the one product that I will not leave home without.

My dog goes with me everywhere and I don’t always have the time to bathe or groom her. When my back is hurting and Cookie needs a bath I bring out Dry Dog. Not only does it clean but it has the most delicious scent that lasts for days! No more wet dog smell.

It not only cleanses and deodorizes but it is also safe for her to lick. I couldn’t think of anything better for my dog than a product that is actually safe, smells heavenly, cleans AND you can take it with you.

Thank you so much Happytails, you have made me a happy woman and my dog a happy dog because she hates bathing. I LOVE Dry Dog!

Linda Jimenez,
Simi Valley, CA