Ear Test We had given up

My vet and I basically together had decided to give up on antibiotics as my cocker spaniel's ear infections are just antibiotic resistant and the medicine wasn't helping but the Happytails Ear Aid kept his ears clean, made them smell nice and he didn't seem to be bothered by them as much

Kirstie Bingham
Nunney, Somerset, UK

Ear problems have cleared up

Just have to rave about the Ear Clear and the Joint Resolution. My yorkie has had all of his chronic ear problems clear up now. Our older Silky Terrier loves the Joint Res for his hip/arthritis pain that is pretty much unnoticable. Thank You for safe and effective products!

Anna Buck (from Facebook)


My baby girl Haleigh had horrible ear problems. They would itch and she would get infections in them all the time. The medicine the vet gave us had a strong, medicinal odor and she hated it. She would run every time she saw the bottle. So I ordered your Ear Wipes to see if it would help. Her ears are really bad and I truly did not expect much but I had to try something. To our wonderful surprise after about a week of daily cleansing her ears look wonderful. They do not bother her at all and you would never know she had such problems with them. And she does not run from me when it’s time to clean her ears. The pads have a very soothing smell that we both love and I am so grateful I found your products. Thank you so much

Jenna Krabacher

Thank goodnes

We have been using Ear Clear and Ear Wipes from happytails Canine Spa Line for awhile now to help our lab, who constantly has ear problems. We can attest that they work. Thank goodness for them!

Collin County Humane Society
via Facebook

We couldn’t be happier with the products

We live in Denver, one of the most dog-friendly communities you’ll find on the planet, and as such we are blessed to have a world of options in helping us provide proper care and pampering for the four-legged members of the unit.

However, in finding Happy Tails Spa, we no longer search for the proper answers. Now, those answers come right to our doorstep.Happy Tails Spa specializes in problem-solving products for the modern dog. As any dog owner can attest, the needs and demands of maintaining a healthy pooch are significantly different than those of a human. It takes a focused approach to design and production to create products that will provide quality, reliable care and maintenance for our beloved canines. Happy Tails Spa understands these needs and offers an astounding menu of products to address those specific needs for your family.

We have an English Bulldog in our home. Trixie is special in so many ways, but as anyone owning an English Bulldog can attest, the care and resulting needs associated with raising such a dog fall on the extreme end of the dog-care spectrum. There are “special” traits and bodily functions (to put it nicely) associated with English Bulldogs that require special care and efforts in hygiene and maintenance. Other breeds of dog also present special circumstances, and we have found Happy Tails Spa provides any and everything we could need to keep up with the game.We are particular enamored with two products sent to us by HTS, including the Dog Smog Remedy and the Eyepads. Our dog battles, well, “environmental odor issues”… that’s putting it nicely. Dog Smog Remedy provides an alternative option that allows the user to address these concerns at both ends of the dog!

Mom in the know Website

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ear Aid A job for happytails

Late last year I noticed that one of my dog's– BrIe was scratching her ears a lot and when I checked I saw a disgusting brown crust covering her swollen and irritated skin. My vet told me that this was one of the most common problems he sees and prescribed some medication for her. As we spoke he bemoaned the fact that he had yet to find an effective, all natural alternative that would work as well.

"All natural and effective" I thought, "sounds like a job for happytails"

I contacted our favorite formulator Mitch Coven and asked if he could come up with a solution. As we usually do, we went back and forth for a while. Realizing that both the inner and outer ear demanded different approaches we finally arrived at a two part solution. First Ear Wipes; pre-moistened pads infused with anti bacterial colloidal silver. which clean and disinfect the outer ear. Second; Ear Clear a vegetable oil based formula designed to reach deeper in the ear canal to clear away dirt, debris and wax and also help reduce swelling and infection.

The next time Bree developed the problem I was ready, not only did Ear Aid heal the infection quickly but it helped to ease her discomfort and irritation. Now I use the products every day to help prevent the problem from coming back.

Lorna Paxton
Owner Happytails


Thank you

I can not tell you how fast, easy and without much effort the ear aide healed my Isaiah's ears! He's happy, he doesn't shake his head or dig at his ears!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Sarah L Minnich


Happytails has a customer in me for keeps

Happytails is a canine spa line that not only indulges Fido but the products are completely functional and I personally am hooked!!! Happy Tails has a customer in me for keeps.

When asked would I like to try out ear products, anti-flea products, and a digestive supplement, I resoundingly replied, “I am a floppy eared Fido owner and yes yes yes!” In the mail arrived:

Ear Aid, A two-part program to help relieve itchy, smelly and infected ears. It includes Ear Clear & Ear Wipes. I have a floppy-eared cocker and have been a cocker owner my whole adult life. I know that prevention of ear issues is key. Whether you have pointy eared shepherds or floppy ear spaniels, this is a fab system! I used the ear wipes to refresh the outer canal and wipe away germies and residue from Dexter’s floppy folds. Dexter has not had an ear infection (knock on plastic keyboard tray) in his 23 months on this earth, but if and when he does, the very pleasantly scented 1 oz ear clear to the rescue! No pharmaceuticals or chemicals, and this product is receiving rave reviews from Happytails satisfied customers.

Our result? Four paws up, happy dance, and a “hallejuah where have you been all my life” for these products.

Carol Bryant
Fido Friendly.com

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