Better than Angel Eyes

I recently ordered the Eye Pack. This product is better than Angel Eyes! Daisy Mae's eye cleared up within a couple of days. Awesome stuff!!
Kathy Lutz (from Facebook)

Great product for overall immune-building.

I love the Eyemunity supplement for my dog--I actually didn't use it for any kind of tear staining but for the digestive enzymes that helped to clear up my dog's yeast infection! Great product for overall immune-building.
Vivaliciuos Viv (from Facebook)

People say that Rudy glows in the dark

We love your eye pads and the powder that you put in the food to also help!

Look at Rudy not one stain! Also we love the olive oil pads and cleanser for the ears! (doesn't do to much for him in the hearing department, ha, ha)

People are always asking what dog food Rudy eats and I know that his dog food does play a role in this but the coat drops are unreal--------people even say that Rudy glows in the sunlight and his fur is like silk. That product has done so much to bring out all the colors in his fawn coat. Seriously though he really does glisten since we have started using the skin drops we have been using them for about a year and they also help him with his allergies. (we live in Florida and he got tested so they could make up shots for him----he is allergic to every plant that is around! I really do believe though that the skin and coat drops helps him alot with the scratching and makes his skin feel much better that if we were not to use them! Thank you for your wonderful products we love them ALL!

Rudy n Charlene
Tampa FL

  Say goodbye to unsightly eye stains and grubby muzzles!
from Adore Le

As most of you who read our blog know, we have been grooming Pork & Brown at home these days. We like doing a thorough detail of both dogs to ensure their coats are clean and soft, but more importantly, clean ears, folds, and mouth. I have done some research on the reasons for runny eyes and tear stains (medically referred to as Epiphora). Basically, the bacteria or yeast growth, particularly an organism called ”red yeast” (causes the red/brownish stain color and possibly unpleasant odor) thrive on moisture and are attracted to the tear ducts in the eyes. Dogs with eye lash and eyelid problems, and dogs doomed by their genetics from their shallow eye sockets, have faulty tear drainage anatony. Since Puggies have folds (which are fun to clean), this adds to the problem because the trapped moisture and tears can lead to bacterial infection in the folds and muzzle.

EyePack to the rescue! Say goodbye to unsightly eye stains and grubby muzzles! I am so excited about these two products as I have been wishing for something to make the eye stain go away and ease up muzzle cleaning. The EyePads and EyeMunity not only keeps your dog’s eyes healthy and clean, but also improve the overall immune system as the main ingredient in the EyeMunity is Epicor, an ingredient proven in clinical studies to have antioxidant properties. All ingredients are human grade! If you buy the EyePack which has both these cool products, you save $4. So cool!

Basic tips: Give your Puggy fresh water (distilled), use stainless steel bowls, and keep their eyes clean (and area around the eyes like folds and muzzle) and dry everyday. :)

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100% effective

We have been using Happytails Eye Pads on our Shih Tzu Ronny since he was a puppy. We use one pad daily to clean the area around his eyes. I believe that our regular use of these pads has prevented Ronny from suffering any of the normal eye issues that are typical for his breed. They have worked to prevent tear stains entirely and are 100% effective at quickly and effectively eliminating any excess drainage from his eye area. Additionally, they work great to keep his muzzle fresh and clean.

We have tried other eye cleaning pads (when our local store ran out of Happytails), but they did not work nearly as well. In fact, they are still in the cupboard!

Your very happy customers,
Kim, Steve and Ronny Brezniak,
Sausalito, CA

Veterinarian recommended

My dog Moose, a 85lb yellow lab suffers from nasal congestion and tearing, causing dark streaks and not helping his handsome appearance. My Veterinarian suggested I try the Happytails Eye Pak and after a couple weeks of use his tearstains were reduced considerably. While I know the product is intended for smaller dogs it works just as well on big goofy ones as well! I just wish it came in a larger size :-)

Crested Butte CO