A hard day in the pool

Thanks so much, we love your products, and as Tinker-Belle said after a hard day in the pool, those Eyepads really really help soothing her eye's. Also, when it isn't pool weather, they also help clean her tear stains, she looks forward to having it done too.

Bonnie and Tinker-Belle Catalano

Are tear stains a problem for your pooch?
From theSwankyPup.com

My dog is very easy to groom and very low maintenance, except for 2 things: her ears and her eyes. She always needs her ears cleaned (and I found a great cleaner for that... another review for another day) and she always has tear stains (crusty, hard, you know what I mean!) around her eyes.

I recently learned about a product formulated to help with this exact problem! happytails Canine Spa line just introduced EyePack, an all-natural, dual-action product that works both internally and externally to clear away tear stains and help prevent them. Step 1 are Eye pads which you use to wipe your dogs eye area. Step 2 is an immunity-booster powder that you add to your dogs food to help reduce bacteria in their body.

All of the Happytails Spa products are adorably packaged and smell great. My dog was willing to let me try the pads on her and after a few tries her eye gunk seems to have cleared up a good amount. (I haven't tried it for too long yet to really tell in the review but it definitely seems to help!)

Also, happytails sells and markets all different kinds of spa products for the dog about town. They use the finest (“better than human quality”) ingredients available to pamper, soothe and beautify today’s harried hound. I also got to try the Dry Dog, a spray-on bath replacement with kiwi and aloe (perfect for my stinky dog, it smells great!) and Comfy Dog Oatmeal Conditioner for dry and itchy skin.

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No pharmaceutical antibiotics or chemicals

I have 3 King Charles Spaniels who have occasional bouts with tear stains. I particularly like your eyepads, as they have a pleasant herbal scent, and the dogs don't shy away from them as they did others. I've used the Eyemunity powder on a regular basis, and have noticed a reduction in the time between their tearing bouts. Also, their discharge is not as thick and clears up faster. They never hesitated eating their food with the powder on it, so didn't seem to mind the taste. I buy your products, because of the natural ingredients with no pharmaceutical antibiotics or chemicals. It's hard enough to find good human food anymore without chemicals, so I appreciate products like yours to protect my dogs.

Jane Rockwell
Arroyo Grande CA