Charlies Angel

I use Flea the Scene on my Doberman Charley every time we go hiking, I've noticed that anything that flies and bites leaves him alone. After a few times in the woods I tried it on myself and what a difference it made. Chiggers, mozzies and flies all kept a safe distance and if they did decide to land they flew off just as quickly.

Thanks for such a great, pesticide free product from both Charley and me

Jim Halloran
Lubbock TX

I highly recommend the product!

I own a bug magnet. No not the type that might be found on a refrigerator door holding this week's grocery list. My bug magnet is a 62 pound black greyhound. We live in Florida which is notorious for bugs that fly, crawl, jump, run or just leisurely stroll across the kitchen floor. My BM seems to attract them all, but especially mosquitos and fleas. I own the BM's sister and while walking through our subdivision when the mosquitos are bad, the BM will be swarmed by mosquitos while her sister, who is walking right beside her, will have only a few mosquitos bothering her.

I don't like to use chemical repellents, especially for a greyhound, so I began searching for an alternative. I tried several before finding Flea The Scene. What a godsend! The formula is light, no greasy feeling, it smells good, there is no buildup of product and it works! I highly recommend the product!

Linda V.
Merritt Island, FL

She actually likes the spray!

I live in Texas where there are plenty of critters to irrate a poor dog's skin. Our dog, Coqueta, loves to play with her tennis ball for hours in our big backyard. Unfortunately, the bugs also like our backyard, especially mosquitoes. I tried many products with her and usually I would have to corner her and hold her down while I applied the lotion or spray. If she saw me coming, she would run away. I always felt bad because they were often smelly or sticky and I knew she didn't like them. Worst of all, I didn't really like the non-organic ingredients.

That all changed when I bought flea-the-scene. Now, I simply walk outside and show her the bottle and call her. She comes romping up to me and let's me spray her back and belly. This is not a trick where I fed her treats to train her. She actually likes the spray! Well, she is very intelligent, so I suspect she knows it is good for her, too. The natural ingredients smell nice and do not leave her feeling sticky. Best of all, it really does keep her free of fleas and mosquitos between baths.

I also use HT's oatmeal shampoo. It's terrific.

Thank you, Happytails!

Linda, Antonio & Coqueta
Boerne, Tx

Awesome product

It's awesome!

OMG!!!! I received the bottle of 'Flea The Scene' this afternoon and sprayed it on my 4 dogs before letting them out in the backyard this afternoon. NOT 1 MOSQUITO LANDED ON THEM!!! It's AWESOME!!! This stuff is GOLD!

Joyce Jodoin
Cape Coral, FL


Happytails has a customer in me for keeps

Happytails is a canine spa line that not only indulges Fido but the products are completely functional and I personally am hooked!!! Happy Tails has a customer in me for keeps.

When asked would I like to try out ear products, anti-flea products, and a digestive supplement, I resoundingly replied, “I am a floppy eared Fido owner and yes yes yes!” In the mail arrived:

Flea the Scene: A 7.6 oz spray that acts as a 3-in-1 product: non-greasy, pleasantly scented, and all natural to give fleas the kiss off. It contains no poisons or pesticides. Not meant to replace vet-prescribed flea repellents, this product is semi waterproof, safe if licked, and a great tool in the flea protection arsenal. We used it before the dog park and at the drive-in movies: In fact, I sprayed some on myself and didn’t get one mosquito bite that night.

Our result? Four paws up, happy dance, and a “hallejuah where have you been all my life” for these products.

Carol Bryant

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