This conditioner is the best!

I have 3 dogs I use it on. Their fur is smooth, soft and the brush glides through their fur. And they smell great. I've tried many different products and so far this works the best. I would recommend this for anyone who needs help with easier grooming. My 2 Maltese and my old man Pekingnese have much better fur using this product.

Elizabeth Bailey
via Disqus

Love love love the products

I'm a volunteer with a rescue group (TzuZooRescue) and I'm forever looking for products to help resolve skin issues with the dogs that we rescue and I foster. I generally take in the older, unadoptable at first glance dogs since they need 24/7 care and I'm available round the clock to be at their beck and call.

I have searched and tried what I thought was every shampoo/conditioner/soother that was around and for some reason just came across your website and ordered a few weeks ago – love love love the products. I have 2 dogs that are over 15 and have old dog skin problems that require weekly baths – after 2 baths with your Comfy Dog Oatmeal shampoo and Fur Butter – no more crusties – I was shocked.

Also, after a few treatments with the bow wow butter balm and we have a nose that's as smooth as can be. Will continue to use the products and in fact, am placing another order right now.

What goes around, comes around – you have great products and the dogs that we rescue from shelters (and believe me, some of these dogs look as if they haven't been bathed or groomed in a very very long time) are just loving being so pampered – and they say "thank you"!

Regina Day

Fur Butter is best product I have ever used

I met you Friday at the show and purchased a jar of Fur Butter. I’m sold!! I couldn’t wait to get home and try out all the new things I had purchased. My cocker, Dixie, was an absolute mess from all the rain and mud we recently had. She has always been hard brush out as she wears a full cocker coat. I couldn’t believe the amount of dead hair and mats that washed out and down the drain. And of course there was the blow dry which I do entirely by hand, no cage drying. I have never seen the brush and comb glide through as it did after the Fur Butter! It is the best product I have ever used on her, thank you.

Val Baumgartner
Miz Paw Dog Grooming

Make it Bigger

Please DO make a larger container of Fur Butter for Groomers.
I personally use this in our salon-WOW! It makes quick work on matted dogs. Malteses go straight to the "Fur Butter" tub and it's an easy brush out.

D'Iberville, MS

I am definitely a “Fur Butter” fan

I use [Fur Butter] on my Golden Retrievers whenever I bathe them as it not only makes their coats soft and shiny, it significantly decreases their dry skin and itching. In the winter. When they get itchy, I bathe them and condition with “Fur Butter” and they are so much more comfortable and the itching virtually stops.

I also love it during shedding season as it helps the old, loose undercoat shed out in the bath. When using “Fur Butter” I will have handfuls of undercoat hair in the tub when we are done – leading to much less fur to dry and brush out, and much less fur in my house.

I show my dogs in obedience, and people comment on the health and condition of my guys’ coats – I always tell them about “Fur Butter” and how pleased I have been with the results. I am so pleased that I found “Fur Butter”. I am definitely a “Fur Butter” fan.

Karen Porter, P.T.
Whitewater WI



What can we say but WOW. We love your products and have almost sold out of our first order in a month. We also used them on our dogs and are so pleased each time we do. Both of our dogs are Golden Retrievers, and their coats are amazing from your products - but the Fur Butter is like nothing else for her coat. It is the softest, and shiniest it has ever been, and she is 4 years old. We are so excited to sell your products too. We get free samples of other products others want us to sell all the time. In the last month we got some that are suppose to be breed-specific. We groomed Lillie with the new products, and Sadie with yours (after already using your line on both dogs earlier in the month). The difference was so dramatic. Lillie's coat was dry & stripped, and Sadie's was soft, moist & huggable! Thank you for your line.

Debra Hermsmeier
Good-Doggie Boutique

The marvels of Fur Butter!

We rescued a longhaired dachshund who had been shaved for the first two years of his life. It's been a two year battle to bring his coat up to what a longhaired dachshund's should be. We've tried so many different shampoos and conditioners that I felt I had nothing to lose with a small bottle of Fur Butter (or for worse).

What can I say? I am now on a crusade to tell all my friends on the Hot Dog Blog about the wonders of Fur Butter. At first, they all thought I was nuts but little by little as other Hotdog Bloggers have tried it, the marvels of Fur Butter have spread. We look forward to a long long love affair with Fur Butter.

Thanks for making such awesome products.

Laura and Brownie

The best on the market

I have purchased the Fur Butter and Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo many times, both are excellant products. Living in Colorado the weather can be very hot and dry which can dry out their skin.

Both Katie and Hannah (at left) love both products. The Fur Butter is the best on the market that contains all natural ingredients, which I prefer to use. it leaves their fur very soft and managable and helps with tangles, easy to rinse out, and the smell is wonderful.

I have tried alot of products in the past and have found that the Happytails product line works for our fur kids, Katie and Hannah

Cheryl Devendorf
Grand Junction CO

  Things change in life...but I hope Fur Butter doesn't

We have 8 miniature schnauzers in the family....I have 3 mini"s (and one male standard schnauzer that is not in need of the wonders of FurrButter!) My daughter has 4 mini's and my son has one mini.

My daughters dogs were all born in the dry air of Arizona and three of them have very fair coats as well as skin. Fur Butter keeps them from scratching and flaking and they smell great and feel cleaner from grooming to grooming.

I have 2 black older mini's and their dog dandruff is gone thanks to Furr Butter and they shine. My son's male mini is a salt and pepper with wierd hair and skin. He gets flaky patches and needs to bathe with Comfy Dog shampoo and then is always slathered in Fur Butter and we let it sit on him for about ten minutes.

My groomer (that I use when I am too tired to groom my dogs at home) was amazed at how much nicer the dogs hair felt and smelled with the Fur Butter. Things change in life...but I hope Fur Butter doesn't....thanks for a great product,

Laura, Lissa & Matt and Chloe, Emma, Tess, Ozzy,Greta, Baxter, Sophie & Emmet!

Seasonal itching all but disappeared

The first time I used fur butter was on my Mother's assistance dog, Brach. I was not pleased with the other conditioning rinses I could buy at the local pet stores as they did not seem to last. When I opened the Fur Butter jar, I was amazed at how thick and rich the product was--it almost seemed like a human moisturizer. When Brach was rinsed and dried, his fur was wonderfully soft and shiny. Even better, I noticed that his seasonal itching all but disappeared!

An assistance dog's appearance and concentration is paramount to his acceptance in public... thanks Happytails for a beautiful coat and a content and happy working dog!

Barbara Markland
Winter Park, FL

Max, our quiet little Toy Poodle gets a lot of attention and loves to sleep in our bed - so he requires frequent bathing. For this purpose, we have used Happytails Sparkle & Shine Shampoo and Fur Butter weekly for the last 4 years. His coat is always soft and manageable, and the products are very mild on his skin.

Sparkle & Shine Shampoo gives his white coat a more uniform look, and has a very nice scent to it. Max doesn't complain much while being bathed with this shampoo - it doesn't sting his eyes or irritate his skin.

Poodle hair can be a challenge to detangle and it tends to dry in a very coarse texture. A few years ago, we discovered Fur Butter, and every since, Max's coat easily combs out and his coat is very soft and silky. A thicker consistency than most conditioners, it really soaks into the more problem spots where his hair can be most kinky. Fur Butter's neutral scent is perfect for us (we are allergic to many other products' scent).

We appreciate Happytails every time that we pick Max up and hug him! Thanks so much for making such wonderful products!

Gary & Margaret Chang
Encino CA


I just can't be without Fur Butter

I had ordered Fur Butter from one of the doggie websites I visit, and loved it! Couldn't remember where I ordered it from originally, so I went to the website on the tub, now I've got a lot of new Happytails Spa products to try!

So glad I found your website, because I just can't be without Fur Butter! It makes my dog's fur extra soft and shiny and smells fantastic!!

Thank you so much for such a tremendous product.

Holly (and Isabelle)