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Loves the taste of the Herbal Gel

February is National Pet Dental month, to celebrate EcoWellDog sent my dog their new Dental Care Kit by Happytails. The kit comes with an all-natural herbal gel "toothpaste" a toothbrush and a fingertip toothbrush to help get your dog used to getting his or her teeth brushed.

Surveys show that only one in ten pet owners clean their pets teeth on a regular basis, therefore more than 80% of pets over the age of 3 have some sort of periodontal disease. This can not only lead to bad breath and plaque buildup on the teeth, but also heart and kidney problems later in life.

My dog is only 4 months old and I am already trying to get into the routine of brushing his teeth on a regular basis. He has taken to the toothbrush nicely and actually sits quite still while I brush his teeth. He seems to love the taste of the herbal gel, which smells very similar to the toothpaste that I use.

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