This stuff is AWESOME!

Got it yesterday and used it immediately - it was a Godsend to my yorkie! Told a gf about it and she came over at 7:30 this morning with her dog so I could spray her baby! She had a hot spot that was driving her nuts. Calmed it right down. I poured some of my magic potion into a small bottle for her to take home and I'm ordering more! I'll NEVER be without this from now on! I'm a pet sitter and can see this helping several of my four legged clients! Thank you sooooooooooo much for giving me back my sanity and helping my itchy dogs!

Kathy Harkleroad
Huntsville AL


This product is amazing

I just wanted to let you know that this product is amazing. My dog, Charlie, has been itching like CRAZY due to allergies. One day after a sleepless night of listening to him scratch, I decided to look online for a home remedy. After I googled home remedies, your website came up. I was impressed by all the natural ingredients and I was sold.

Thank you so much for this amazing product.
Charlie is a lot happier and isn't scratching much anymore!

- Brittany Vadalabene

Amazing relief

My dog Zoe has a terrible allergy related skin condition. Her ears were bleeding and she she has scabs and bald patches all over her body. I used all of the "itchy dog" products on her and the results are amazing! Definintely the best products I've used so far. Her constant itching has ceased, and she seems so much more comfortable.

Thank You! I will definitely puchase again!

Melissa Csepegi
Bellevue, WA

We have been using this product for about 2-3 weeks now
and LOVE it!

Itchn' for Relief by Happytails provides my dog with just what she needs. She seems to be very soothed by this fast acting spray, which is also SLS and Paraben free. At first she did not like the spray bottle what-so-ever, so I would spray my hand and rub her belly. I have since been able to get her used to the spray and she truly seems to be alleviated from the itch! We have been using this product for about 2-3 weeks now and LOVE it!

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It worked immediately

Our dogs Mochi and Maki had been scratching, licking, and biting for several weeks. Mostly between their toes and on their forearms. We attributed the irritation to perhaps chemicals or insecticides being sprayed by the landscapers in our neighborhood and were trying to keep the dogs away from the grass and plants, but this only helped a little. Their skin was becoming visibly red and the hair on their forearms was actually thinning with all the licking! When our order from Happy Tails arrived, we decided to try the Itchin’ for Relief spray first. We used the nozzle as instructed to apply the spray directly to the irritated skin and between the toes. IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY! Within minutes Mochi and Maki were laying peacefully on our bed with no more paw and forearm licking or scratching! The redness and irritation is gone. Now, after their walk, we clean their paws as usual and apply a small spritz of Itchin’ for Relief. This has been a great relief for both the dogs and ourselves. Thanks for a great product!

Richard A. Rijnders
Online Sales
Nature's Pup

A pleasure to sell your products

I just placed my third order for your great products. I sell your line at our local Farmers Market as an all natural option to every dog’s problems. I just had a repeat customer give me his testimonial on Itchin for Relief. His dog was scratching so much that he had made a bald spot and after applying Itchin for Relief his dog is scratching less and hair is growing back. It is a pleasure to sell your products for every customer is a satisfied customer. Your products smell delicious and do what they say they will.

I am glad I found your line and am able to share my find with so many four legged friends.
Thanks for making such a great product!

Ana Bertran
Paws And Dogs