Joint Resolution A miracle in a bottle

I have 2 boxers & one (Zoe) has some hip/knee troubles. She was limping all the time, wouldn't play, etc & she just turned 6yrs. I bought some of the Joint Resolution approximately 3 weeks ago & I must say that its a miracle in a bottle. On day 2 I noticed a marked change. She wasn't as stiff upon getting up & by day 5 she was getting up just as quickly as her sister Hannah (also 6yrs). Today she is running around like a new dog & its all because of Joint Resolution. We had tried glucosamine pills, etc with no results so to say I was shocked is an understatement.

I love the dry dog bath spray & the "gas be gone" spray (sorry the name escapes me at tye moment) so I know your reputation for great products. I will definitely add this to my recommendation list for all my friends.

Thanks for making such awesome products!

Getting her joy back

My Border Collie Dixie is getting older but she is like me, her brain thinks she is still able to do everything still so when she ran out into the front yard and turned right when her body turned left she tore her ACL. The Vet said that he could repair it and we scheduled surgery. Week after week either her blood work was not ready for surgery or she was dehydrated. After we stabilized everything she had the surgery but the Vet said she had bad osteoarthritis in her hips.

She has recovered from the surgery but she limps still and has a difficult time sleeping or getting up on her rear legs and she had been acting like an old fuddy duddy very cranky with the other dogs and no friskiness in her eyes. I saw your Joint Resolution and ordered some.

She has been taking it for a week now and I am amazed. She is eating and getting her joy back. She shows signs that her pain is starting to slow. I give it to her straight into her mouth before her meals. I am ordering more today, thank you so much.

Also, my Heeler Joe Joe takes some of your sleepytime tonic towards evening and this settles him down to rest for the night. I am happy to say everything I ordered is working and again,

thank you for your products.

Wanda P.
Flagstaff AZ

It's easy to use and it helps

Jamie has been using joint resolution for more than a year. It works in conjunction with his acupuncture treatments. Jamie's had CCL surgery on his left leg two summers ago and now he's experiencing a problem with his right knee and hip.

I find that the joint resolution is easy to apply to his food and is helping to resolve his joint problems. Acupuncture is wonderful and he doesn't mind the needles. He's so chipper after his treatment -- like a puppy. He's 6 years old and a very happy dog ... I want to keep him that way!

Thanks for such a great product.

J Lombardo
New Jersey

A brand new dog

We love the Joint Resolution! Our 4 year old yorkie, Molly has luxating Patella. We started giving her Joint Resolution 4 months again. Within two weeks we notice an incredible difference. After a month, she was a brand new dog. Thank you so much!

Yvonne Foley
Fresno CA

More active and playful

We have an 11 year old Bull Terrier that we rescued and she has developed arthritis in her front and rear leg joints. After reading an article in Dog Fancy about Joint Resolution we gave it a try and her discomfort has diminished noticeably. Before the first bottle was fully used she had less moaning when getting up from a laying position and has become more active and playful.

Our Dog Cheetoe also has a very sensitive digestive tract and we have to feed her a prescription dog food and are always concerned about adding anything new to her diet. The Joint Resolution has had no negative side effects at all so we have been reordering the spray bottle and intend to stick with this product.

Alan Young
Virginia Beach VA

You wouldn't know she has any health problems at all

Jynx, an American Bulldog/Australian Shepard mix came to me when she was only 7 weeks old. Bright eyed, bushy tailed and full of mischief. About a year passed and Jynx was diagnosed with a luxating patella and Hip Displasia. Glucosomine and Fish Oil were given but the knee kept popping out and mommy was just worried sick about her lil pup. UNTIL

One day Happy Tails sent me an email about Joint Resolution.... I printed out all the info and faxed it over to my vet who said to give it a go. I did, and WOW!!!! What a difference..

Jynx runs and plays like any other 16 month old pup, we have fewer "knee pops" than before and you wouldn't know she has any health problems at all! And the cherry on top of this story is it must taste great.. because when that bottle appears Jynx is sitting pretty in front of me with her tongue out ready for her drops!

THANK YOU HAPPY TAILS!!!! Your Joint Resolution could very well prolong a very expensive, painful and scary surgery.. or two!

We love you (and your other products too! Love the bubbles and beads shampoo too it smells great and leaves Jynx soft as cotton!)

Julia Gordon
Concord NC

Now they run like they never had a problem

I am very careful what I give my dogs both food wise and for health concerns so when Buttercup, my chihuahua started having trouble with a luxating patella (a knee that goes in and out of joint) and Heidi, my mini dachshund started showing signs of knee pain. They were in such pain that they just lay on a pillow all day. I actually had to pick them up and carry them to go outside. My vet wanted to put both dogs on a drug (rimadyl).... shudder, shudder. I had read so many adverse things about it I said, no way!

So I started looking for something that was natural and would help heal rather than a drug that would just mask symptoms.

After reading about Joint Resolution and the ingredients decided to give it a try. After about a week both dogs were able to walk normally but were stiff first thing in the morning. After another week all stiffness and soreness was gone 24/7!

Now they each get a dose morning and evening and walk and run like they never had a problem. I also recommended it to my sister for her two older shelties who were getting arthritis so now you have 2 happy customers and 4 happy dogs.

Mary Lee Somers,
Mount Gilead OH

A less painful, better quality of life

We have a 4 year old English bulldog named Gus. He is very active and playful. He loves to chase and tug and jump. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a year ago. At that time, he had started limping and really slowing down. We were very concerned because our vet had told us the best thing for Gus was to keep him active so his leg muscles would remain strong.

We discovered Joint Resolution about 6 months ago after a family member read about it in a magazine. After only one month, we noticed that Gus completely stopped limping. He started playing more and jumping higher than he ever had. This product is amazing! Even though it is not a cure for his condition, it has given us a way to manage his condition and give Gus a less painful, better quality of life. We are so happy we found Joint Resolution.

Sean and Jen McGowan
Red Lion PA

This product is really amazing

I recently purchased Joint Resolution for my eight year old silky terrier. I just wanted to let you know that this product is really amazing after only a week of use! Our Ben has hip/knee problems and is now pain free and back to his old crazy, active self, chasing rabbits and running everywhere.

Thank you

Anna & John Buck Houston, TX

Greatly improved their lives

I have 6 rescues and all older dogs…the joint resolution has so greatly improved their lives…it is incredible…they are running more and moving a lot easier since I started it. Great help without surgery.

Yorkies Mom (via Facebook)

My senior dog has more energy than I do

Hello and Thank you,
My dearest friend and Guide Dog, Saddle, is 13 years YOUNG. Two years ago, I decided to move closer to family so that I could begin to plan for Saddle's retirement from guide work. At that time, Saddle was 11 years OLD and beginning to slow down.

When we settled into our new home, Saddle still wanted to work so I found a certified canine massage therapist in the area. She recommended Joint Resolution, which she used with dramatic results on her senior Golden Retriever.

Within weeks, the massage and the Joint Resolution did their magic. The difference was obvious. My senior dog has more energy than I do, she plays and stretches out more. She does not like to be bored. Saddle is even gaining muscle mass in her back legs.

Today, she still enjoys her work, going to the beach, weekly hydrotherapy and 3-5 mile nature walks (off duty) once a week. A few weeks ago, we asked a canine physical therapist to guess Saddle's age, and she guessed 7-9 years old. I am grateful for this product: I want nothing more than to be with Saddle, happy and healthy, for years to come. I recommend this product to everyone with a senior pup.

Alyson E Perry