The girls definitely started to exhibit a calmer demeanor

I have written about Happytailsta few times and feel like I can trust their brand so I went searching to see what they had to help soothe my pooches.

I found their Sleepytime Tonic and was excited to try it. I had tried other products like it before and they never really had an effect but I was determined to help my babies. I tried putting the drops directly in the pooches mouths but they didn't seem to like that too much so I put a few drops on their Frosty Paws treats or in their water and that worked like a charm.

I will say I didn't notice an immediate change the first few times I used it but after a little while the girls definitely started to exhibit a calmer demeanor when we got home. I started giving our older dog a few drops when it would storm out because she really hates that and I have to say she hid under things much less and seemed less bothered by it over all.

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Trainor on the pool I did not want to have to resort to pharmacueticals

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the Sleepytime Tonic. My dog Traynor - an 80 pound shepard mix has serious anxiety issues. I acquired Traynor -or rather he forced himself upon me one cold winter night 2 years ago. He had some pretty serious separation anxiety which I could deal with. However, within a few short months he began to develop some serious stranger anxiety. It got so bad that I felt I had to cross the street if another person was walking towards us because he would often lunge at them.

Well fast forward 2 years - we have worked with a behavioralist and "T" has really become a great dog. However, he still had this issue with the occasional random person on our runs. I decided to give the sleepy time tonic a try. We used it for about 3 months and honestly, I didn't really notice that big of a difference (or so I thought).

I discontinued using it and went about our daily runs. Several weeks went by and I noticed a steady increase in his agitation on our walks and runs. He started lunging at just about anyone he didn't know. Desparate to get him the exercise he needs while maintaining good standing in the neighborhood, I went back to the sleepy time tonic.

WOW WOW WOW! What a difference. After about a week on the tonic, he was back to his old self.

There is still the occasion person that seems to agitate him every once in a while but we are back to hiking in the woods and running in the park in the morning. I love this guy for all his quirks but when he was agitated it was really hard to feel confident and safe taking him out.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for Sleepy time tonic.

I did not want to have to resort to pharmacueticals to help manage his anxiety. I am really thrilled with the difference the Sleepy time tonic has made in our lives!

Gratefully yours,
Stephanie Muth and Traynor

I can not tell you how much this product has changed my dog Riley

My name Is Larry Was. I'm writing this email because for years I have tried so many different products for my dog Riley he is has suffered with being over anxious and nervous for years, it got to the point where he had no hair left on his back legs hips and tail from the constant licking he would do all day, I did not want him to go on strong medications like my vet said might be the only way to help him. As a last resort I purchased a bottle of Sleeptime Tonic over a month ago, I can not tell you how much this product has changed my dog Riley!! I wish I had before and after pictures of him, all his hair has grown back he no longer spends hours licking him self to the point where he bleeds he also sleeps through the night even in Thunderstorms which was the worst for him. I Thank the people who made this product, it really truly works and I will tell anyone who has a dog like mine to try your product. Thanks for making my dog Happy again, and also for making him a happy playful dog I am very grateful!!

Larry Was
Houston Texas

Doggie Prozac?

A new product that we love here at Hyde Bark Fashions is Sleepytime Tonic. It is an all-natural herbal elixir in a 1 ounce spray that helps to calm anxious or nervous dogs. It retails for $12.

Happytails manufactures the product and says that dogs will go "from wired to tired in under an hour." I have to tell you that I was skeptical. I ordered the product & gave a bottle to the most unruly dog the shop.

My customer, the dog's owner, called the next day & said that the Sleepytime was amazing! She referred to it at "Doggy Prozac." In any event, it has sold great, and my customers swear by it.

Cynthia Waldenmaier
Top Dog
Hyde Bark Fashions



I received my sleepytime in the mail and I have had a chance to try it out.

My Bullmastiff, Ocean, is greatly afraid of thunderstorms and I worry about her having a heart attack. She starts panting and shaking so much,I'm scared. I sprayed the sleepytime in her mouth, and it made quite a difference. She is still scared, but not half as bad as before.

I really think this can work for her.

Thank You So Much
Dianna Nida

I love this product and would recommend it to everyone

I have been a fan of flower essences for myself for years and when I saw that the tonic was essentially that, I gave it a try and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t want something that would make my dog groggy and sleepy so I was a bit skeptical at first but this was not the case, my dog loves the sleepy tonic, I don’t even have to force her, I put it in her water and sometimes I squirt it directly into her mouth.

What I like about it most is that it is effective fairly quickly and it just takes the edge off, it doesn’t make her sleepy or groggy. My Giant Schnauzer has a lot of energy and personality so, I use this product whenever I’m taking her to get groomed, on long trips and sometimes when I take her to the vet, but I especially give it to her whenever I’m having a party or whenever people are coming over because it just calms her down a little without taking away her spunky personality like other products do.

I love this product and would recommend it to everyone with a large breed overly excited dog, it really works!

Jenniffer L. Quiel
Miami, FL

I would HIGHLY recommend this product

My 2 Yorkies would get upset when traveling by car-- long or short distances-- and sometimes during bad weather, especially if they "sensed" it from me! I also will give them a bit when lots of people are coming over to make them calmer also. At bedtime I give them 1 little drop, which they eagerly take, and it makes them drowsy within a few minutes so they don't move around so much and disrupt MY sleep in the bed. We ALL wake up feeling refreshed after a good night's rest!

I just got back from taking them on a 250 mile road trip one way and gave them each 1 drop before leaving and they settled down after a few minutes in the car and were GREAT the whole way down with NO upset tummies or worries!

I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who suffers with an "anxious, stressed" dog who just needs to "chill out" a bit. And since it's ALL natural, and not a medication like they give at the vets, I don't worry about any residual affects on their systems!

Thanks Happytails, as you can see in the picture, we are a "Happy Family" and will be ordering from you again!

Rebecca Whitley
North Carolina

I saw immediate results!

I came across your Sleepytime Tonic product while browsing vendors at a local all breed show. I had a young English Springer Spaniel puppy dog that was less than confident and quite sound sensitive. He would clamp his tail at the slightest sound and was always looking for something to scare him. As a show prospect, this puppy needed to show confidence and attitude in the ring. The vendors discussed the positive results they had experienced with their own dog using Sleepytime Tonic, and on impulse, I purchased it to use that weekend.

I saw immediate results! Even though the name of the product indicates that this might have a sedative effect, what I experienced was just "taking the edge off" the anxiety. Enough so that he shows himself with confidence in the ring and is easily distracted from "scary" things now. This hasn't changed his basic makeup, but has provided just enough of a calming effect to allow me to get to the ring without wondering if he'll bolt at the slightest noise or crawl around the ring if the loud speaker comes on! I have offered this product to my friends who have anxious dogs, and they have experienced the same results as I have. We are quite thrilled with Sleepytime Tonic and will always keep it in our tack boxes!

Kathie Milne
Suncoast English Springer Spaniels
Tarpon Springs, FL

Sammie I cannot tell you what a difference this has made

I just want to tell everyone how Sleepy Time Tonic helped our Border Collie Sammie. She is a wonderful herding dog and loyal companion to my husband and I.

We live in Palm Desert, CA now and had started going up to Park City, Utah 3 years ago for two months in the summer. We soon discovered Sammie was terrified of Thunder and lightening. She would tremble, pant, and wander around the house looking for shelter. She was a basket case. We tried to sooth her by petting her, holding her, etc. Nothing worked. Someone told me about Sleepy Time tonic. I ordered it From Happytails and I cannot tell you what a difference this has made in our dog and for our peace of mine.

When we hear the news about Thunder coming we spray it on a treat. She get sleepy and is very calm. Our vets gave us sedatives which were awful they just knocked her out. This is just a soothing medication. We are now taking our 15 year old cat up to Utah tomorrow as he lost his sister last year. So I e-mailed Lauryn and she said it would be okay for Shadow. We are going to give it to him for the trip. I will let you know.

Best regards,
Claudia Fausett
Rancho Mirage, CA


Our Facebook friends are saying;

Love the Sleepytime tonic...I have a puppymill rescue and after trying everything I could this is the first product that calms him during storms and calms my others when we go for car rides...IT WORKS...and keeps all of mine from anxiety and depression.
Yorkies Mom

Sleepytime tonic is a must-have in my dog's bag when I'm traveling! Works like magic :)
Madeleine Winger

Just wanted to stop by and give props to HappyTails for Sleepy Time Tonic. It has been a fabulous addition to our arsenal for helping our allergy Boxer Ruby with her insatiable desire to scratch herself senseless. I think it actually outperforms Benedryl! We love everything HappyTails, but the Sleepy Time Tonic is our favorite!
Carol Self

I use both the Joint Resolution and the Sleepytime Tonic and it has made all the difference in the world for my little rescues. They are more youthful and full of energy now.
Maryann Gee